The school of life is my degree.
The qualifications my experience. 
All knowledge comes from our experiences.

The contemplation and meaning of life, finding solutions and to pay it forward.

Website Consulting

Build a website without the problems that come with quick, free, and easy.
Which platform, software, and theme should you use. All of them come with limitations.
If you want a website without limitations, expenses, and problems... yes, it's possible.
Contact me, and I'll show you how I did it.

Writing Copy

Writing is essential to convey your message. With the Internet we write and communicate. Some like to write and some don't. Driven by a life-long desire to write well and help others to express their message, I enrolled in the American Writers and Artists Institute. One of the best schools with substantive material.

Completed Courses

Accelerated Copywriting
Web Copywriting 2.0
Social Media Marketing

Web Content Optimization

Writing on the web | say it in words

The art of writing existed long before I came to it, I serve the art. Just as the dancer or the pianist or the painter so it is for the writer.

I held writing about my experiences firmly to myself since I was a small child. Writing was my conversation and expression in the flow of words. Producing the words was a movement inside of me, and I knew I would write.

Writing is the mirror reflection of ideas expressed in words. We have always had language transcribed, and when well-written, it inspires the reader and the writer. The result is communication.

Website Help

Often people ask me who designed my websites when I respond - "I did," they are not inclined to believe me. The truth is I enjoy the architect of websites and design. In 2006, I started with Expression Web and then... there was WordPress, and then there was the Divi Theme.

A Website is the largest calling card you have to showcase your message.
If you need a website, or your existing website needs a face-lift - I can help you.

But I'm not the designer of your site - you are.

I solved my website dilemma without paying thousands of dollars and update the theme without losing any design elements.

Once you know the basics of layout, drag and drop already built in modules something incredible happens. Your creative ability emerges and the vision that inspired you to have a Website comes out of you. All I do is help you to achieve what you envision.

This blog is on Blogger and isn't WordPress. Your website software and content management system is a choice. There isn't one better than the other.  The Web requires some skills and there is a learning curve. The good news is once you know how it works - you know.


The Internet gives us the opportunity to take advantage of website designs and templates to use. I say a prayer of thanks to all designers of software and templates. Truly, they reflect "code is poetry" in more ways than they realize. Their work and effort gives me the freedom to design and showcase my work, and at the same time brings out the 'artist' inside.

My other websites:

RealTime Paradigm
Writing and design with Divi in real time.

Writing & Design in Real Time
Life expressed through technology.

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A soul journey.

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