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The Truth About Socializing on Social Media

Social Media is a black hole of experience and has changed from what it was. When social interaction online first began it was incredible. I remember how excited I was to be a beta user for the AOL chat room. The conversations we had online were thrilling. We exchanged views and talked about life because we could. Technology introduced us to a method of communication and connection we had not experienced before. I well remember the conversations and still smile to myself at how we 'hid' behind an identity but not for long. We laughed at how we could 'read between the lines' in our comments and could pick out the unpleasant people whom we banned from the chat room. We lived in a cyber world and some of us made long lasting friends and still communicate with those people whom we met years ago. Life was busy but no one allowed the chat room to interfere with life. The ability to chat online had its time but there were no advertising interruptions or selling t