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Do You See Love?

Photo: fotolia Have you ever looked at the stillness of beauty, it is timeless, and without change. If you pause to look at the painted picture of roses you see an elegance and beauty. The rose is the flower of love and from the poet Robert Burns; "my love is like a red, red rose," tells the story of love through the rose. Such simple words symbolize love. The romance of the rose, the flower captivates the circular movement of love itself contained with its perfected form. Ancient Greeks and Romans associated the rose with Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love. Venus is the goddess of love and turns the hearts from sexual vice to virtue. The rose conveys the message of love in the beauty of its bloom. On the opposite side of the spectrum of love the rose came to be associated with the blood of Christian martyrs. How sad that anyone should have to spill their blood for a belief system. Love should promote the bond and the friendship but it should not inspire hatred.

Warnings From Spirit

Suicide is on the rise lately - the number of people contemplating suicide is increasing and even worse acting out the deed of taking their own life. The result of taking your life does not end anything. When you enter the spirit world you take all your emotions with you. The Message is Vital - a warning from spirit Everyone knows someone that committed suicide or has a friend that took their life and crossed over to the other side thinking this would help them be relieved from their pain in this life. The opposite is true. I can tell you from my perspective the returning spirit comes in the same pain as they had when they were on earth to tell of how much they regret doing what they did. Their return is the message they bring to prevent those on earth who are wanting to end their life existence. I offer this information from a heartfelt desire to open the door of understanding about this subject from the perspective of the other side of life. It is ludicrous to

Why Are Famous People Committing Suicide?

Artwork: fotolia How many famous people lately have ended up on the other side of life? Too many, we can count them, name them and they now have to cope with what they did. I hesitate to mention their names for it is not my right to judge them and I do not know the circumstances of their lives. But when the spirit comes to me I honor the message because of the need to speak the truth about what happens to you after you commit suicide. I have felt them near me as they reach out from the place they were in to communicate to help others to wake up and realize this is not the way to go. The sense of deep, agonizing regret at having taken their life is so acute they would do anything to have their lives back with all its problems because now they know that all problems can be resolved no matter how desperate they look at a given time. There is always a solution the composition of the human experience is not only a tragic one. I am not an admirer of celebrities and do not give the