Warnings From Spirit

Suicide is on the rise lately - the number of people contemplating suicide is increasing and even worse acting out the deed of taking their own life.

The result of taking your life does not end anything.
When you enter the spirit world you take all your emotions with you.

The Message is Vital - a warning from spirit

Everyone knows someone that committed suicide or has a friend that took their life and crossed over to the other side thinking this would help them be relieved from their pain in this life. The opposite is true. I can tell you from my perspective the returning spirit comes in the same pain as they had when they were on earth to tell of how much they regret doing what they did. Their return is the message they bring to prevent those on earth who are wanting to end their life existence.

I offer this information from a heartfelt desire to open the door of understanding about this subject from the perspective of the other side of life. It is ludicrous to go around thinking we are not affected by the millions of suicides we hear about everyday. You do not want to hear the weeping of the soul in the spirit world for if you did you would indeed stand still and listen to their story as I recently experienced. You can read the actual words spoken to me on the return of a spirit from the afterlife.

I am not in the habit of listening to spirits speak all the time but I operate in this way when the message is so urgent it must be delivered. You also need to know how difficult it is for me to 'expose' myself this way. If I were to say nothing and kept the information to me in case someone did not like the information I would fail in my purpose and this I cannot do.

If one life is saved by knowing the truth of the spirit world and how suicide interrupts the flow of the soul growth and progression through the stages of incarnations then that will be a blessing in itself. The harm that is done through taking your life is too great to know until after the deed, and then it is too late to bring your life back. It is also not as easy to reincarnate and just do it all again in the way you think it should be.

The life death cycles are not governed by the human mind they are governed by a higher natural law and no one is exempt from this law no matter what their 'status' is. There is no status in the afterlife at all. What we create on earth is through our doing according to our ability to comprehend life as we live it. How we learn, or do not learn, how we live or suffer depends on so many things, but the truth is; we have the ability to resolve our problems and there is always a solution.

What is it like in the spirit world?

Obviously it is not the same as in the physical world. There is no getting away from yourself or any kind of escapism. You cannot loose yourself in sleep, or watching movies, or just do something else like we are used to doing. Your consciousness, or your spirit (soul) is made up of the personality you had while you were alive on earth. You take your emotions, life memories and experience with you into the afterlife. What you feel and think is experienced far more intensely than you experience while living on earth.

If you take your life and cross over to the other side you are unprepared for the place you go to it is more devastating than you can imagine. You will know even more pain than you feel at the present time. The pain does not just end because you ended your life on earth. It goes with you and nothing can bring your life back, nothing until you come to terms with what you just did, ended your life before your time.

The spirit is not able to communicate directly with people on earth, it is only through a person who is a medium, a conduit, who can actually see and hear the spirit and then relay the message. There are many individuals who are mediums, not all of them good ones but that goes with anything in life we always get the mix - the point is to figure it out and become wise to the many interactions people have had with spirit all through the ages since the beginning or origin of life on this planet earth.

If we understood more about the nature of the existence of the spirit in the afterlife and about how we are incarnate on earth to learn lessons, as painful as some lessons are, we would have a different approach to life in general.

I feel strongly about the subject and my perspective is not from a psychological one, I believe the psychologists have got it wrong about the interaction with spirit. They believe the spirit is an alter ego and not a separate person interacting from another plane of existence, in my opinion, the psychologist himself or herself has not experienced what they are so judgmental about.

Know the truth about life after death

If you knew the truth about life after death and its implications you would respect the ground you walk on and the opportunity to live in the life you chose to live before you incarnated into this life experience.

Let go of the fantasy of wanting life to be perfect - there is no such thing as the perfect life. Life is what you make of it - it is your life not someone else's.


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