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Selling Doesn't Work

The buyer outsmarts the seller these days. Less people are 'sold' and marketers are loosing the attention of the consumer, the client, the customer. The mass selling cliches are old. The marketing of FREE is loosing its 'value.' It is an insult to a person's intelligence to constantly push, it comes with a FREE bonus and it's cheaper now. Ever been sold on the seminar and included is a FREE bonus? The seminar is 8:00 am through 8:00 pm. In one day you get all you need to launch your business. With templates, training videos you're good to go equipped for success. Be sure to come early and grab a seat. We only have a few places left.  Register now and get a 10% discount. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. The one day intensive valued at $5,000 but it's only $499.99, so reserve your spot now. Hurry while we still have place for you! Click here . You click to grab your spot. You arrive at the seminar the room is half em