Selling Doesn't Work

The buyer outsmarts the seller these days. Less people are 'sold' and marketers are loosing the attention of the consumer, the client, the customer. The mass selling cliches are old. The marketing of FREE is loosing its 'value.'

It is an insult to a person's intelligence to constantly push, it comes with a FREE bonus and it's cheaper now.

Ever been sold on the seminar and included is a FREE bonus?

The seminar is 8:00 am through 8:00 pm. In one day you get all you need to launch your business. With templates, training videos you're good to go equipped for success. Be sure to come early and grab a seat. We only have a few places left.  Register now and get a 10% discount. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. The one day intensive valued at $5,000 but it's only $499.99, so reserve your spot now.

Hurry while we still have place for you! Click here.

You click to grab your spot. You arrive at the seminar the room is half empty, plenty of seats available. The nicely packaged material, 6 training videos, 3 reports, and two bonus CD's with templates gleams with promise. The work is done for you, it's simple, you can do it too.

You sit through twelve hours of information... but don't worry a recording of the seminar is available. Usually its offered for a fee but because you are in attendance we are giving it to you as a bonus... another one.

At the end of the day you can't remember anything. You get home, dump the package on the dining room table, go out for dinner and think you'll get to it tomorrow.

But tomorrow never comes... even if you open the package and listen to all the material.
I learned nothing from the seminar or the materials no matter how the material promised it would change my life. I was sold by the word FREE and it's cheaper so buy it now before you aren't able to and it's not available. The truth is, the very same seminar came around again.

The word FREE is the most often used word used to sell anything.

Marketers still don't get the message.

When you come across quality information it is not sold or pushed. The product or service stands on its merit without any persuasion. It is demonstrated to you, and that is worth paying for.

The Solution

The merit of a product or information will sell itself. When marketers stop pushing advertising in front of the proposed buyer they will earn the right to have the consumer's attention again.

Real value is not measured in terms of a dollar amount or if it is free.

This is precisely why you would sign up for course materials and be willing to pay for the information, when it is substantive. Surely the choice to buy something is based on intelligence.

There are only so many books, or courses to take and there will always be another ten things you need, or three important features, or only two other things you cannot do without.

When we accept the merit of something we understand its value. It is then we make an intelligent choice whether to buy or not. Don't be sold make an intelligent choice.


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