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I Don't Want Your FREE

Original Art: jm The selling of FREE is still alive and everyone's doing it. What you really get for free is the person on the other end of the offer for free. That's the funny side of it. Take a good look at them and check them out before you fall for their pitch. They look authentic and they have the numbers to prove their popularity, likes, and social proof. The problem is we are all trying desperately to "look good" just like everyone else, so we need a particular online image. Then we feel okay and now we are 'authentic.' There is something wrong with this picture. It is easy to fake an appearance online even though we hear a desperate, be yourself. Be true. Be authentic. If you don't have the numbers… well, something must be wrong. Measurement by the numbers is a false measurement. I want to do business with a real and authentic person. I don't want your FREE eBook that tells me I can publish a book a month I don't want yo