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Why Is Everything Dead

Is Blogging Dead?  Yes, it died yesterday. Now what?  People are still writing blogs because they want to. Is the PC Dead? Yes, no one uses them.  Your phone, your desktop, your laptop is a PC a/k/a the personal computer.  It makes no difference what operating system you use. You're an intelligent human being looking at your personal computer. Is the TV Dead? Yes. Long ago. Didn't you hear.  That's why everyone watches the Superbowl on the big screen TV. Get your new TV Monitor and watch the game. Hurry while supplies last. This offer may not ever be repeated. It's our rock bottom lowest price. Supplies are limited click here. Is Google Dead? This one is where you start laughing and can't stop. Is Facebook Dead? Now you have a stomach ache, you're laughing so hard. Is _____________ Dead? You get the idea, everything is dead.   Chicken Little thought the sky was falling down on his/her head and now these chicks are wo