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Do It Yourself

For a long time now I've been ruminating or meditating on this subject. In fact, I'm a DIY (do it yourself) person. I'm tired of  "experts" telling me how it should be done. The best practices. What you should be doing. If you're not doing something, then it won't work. There is a sense of accomplishment when you "Google it" and find the answer, and then implement the instructions. In my world, there's no redesign or tweak or change, I use the product. I'm the person on the receiving end, the user. The one delighted by the hard work of the programmer who makes it easier for me to operate the software. This blog on blogger was started a long time ago, before it was owned by Google. In fact,  Blogger is the original blogging platform. The history of blogging is a fascinating one, it tells about the progressive stages of the web log, or blog as it came to be known. Blogger is the most popular blogging service. I can see why, it