Do It Yourself

For a long time now I've been ruminating or meditating on this subject. In fact, I'm a DIY (do it yourself) person. I'm tired of  "experts" telling me how it should be done. The best practices. What you should be doing. If you're not doing something, then it won't work.

There is a sense of accomplishment when you "Google it" and find the answer, and then implement the instructions.

In my world, there's no redesign or tweak or change, I use the product. I'm the person on the receiving end, the user. The one delighted by the hard work of the programmer who makes it easier for me to operate the software.

This blog on blogger was started a long time ago, before it was owned by Google. In fact, Blogger is the original blogging platform. The history of blogging is a fascinating one, it tells about the progressive stages of the web log, or blog as it came to be known.

Blogger is the most popular blogging service. I can see why, it's great to use, especially now since there are lots of widgets and templates to use.

The blog is a discussion, an informal dialog and is meant to be conversational and interactive. Blogs have evolved and are now an important part of communication.

The term "weblog" was given to us by Jorn Barger. The act of logging information onto the web became the word "blog."

A blog is a do it yourself publishing platform. It wasn't part of a business website until we figured out it is an ideal communication tool.

Blogger was first owned by Pyra Labs and then bought by Google in 2003. The blogs are hosted on Google by a sub-domain, blogspot. This blog has a domain name so this is why you don't see blogspot in the URL.

Blogger has drag and drop features and templates to use. I'm happy. This is the way I want to use the Internet. I will leave the engineering of the web to those who are good at what they do because the software works.

The Official Blogger Blog has good articles about what's happening in the blog ecosystem on Blogger. This blog is running the Contempo theme.

Much as Blogger works well, coding isn't my style. I have been able to use this blog without having to code. Over time Blogger has evolved to help user's like me write a blog post. On this blog there are long gaps between posts, that's real life. Interruptions, nothing is smooth sailing, especially illness.

One thing I found out even the man who was credited with giving us the concept of the Word Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee tells us it wasn't meant for everyone to code to use the web.

I'm waiting for the day when Blogger integrates with WordPress.

Developers have to clean up their act. They're at each other's throats. Competitive, and disrespectful. So this is why I'm a do it yourself person and won't use their products. I'll hunt for a developer that doesn't misrepresent their territory.

It's no secret if you spend longer than five minutes with me, I'll tell you about websites, design, content, web copy, and of course my favorite software the Divi Theme, by Elegant Themes.

The result of using Divi is the feeling when you get it, use it, and click on the button and create the effect, and it works! For me it's just something that happens. I did it! No one did it for me, or told me I couldn't do it.

I just watched the clean tutorial videos that explained the settings and where to go to find them. I find video help better than voluminous instructions.

I don't want to sound or look exactly the same as everyone else. I want to do it for myself. Yes, I have the time. If you don't have the time and want a quick fix, you'll be dissatisfied with the result.

Do It Yourself With Divi

This Divi Theme is the most used theme in the world. But, don't tell anyone, it's the designer and the developer's best kept secret. They don't want you to know how to use it, then you'll have no use for them.

There is a time when you need the services of a designer and a developer, if you have a larger website that needs to accommodate a worldwide, or nationwide membership or customer base.

Do It Yourself With Blogger

It's a lot easier today to blog with the blogging platform Blogger. But this is a blog and not a full website. It depends what you want for the message you're conveying on the worldwide web. I wouldn't recommend it for a business website.


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