If One Life is Helped by Knowing

You Can't Go There Before Your Time

What brought you here to earth - the stork?

All of a sudden we get it. The sort of Eastern philosophy, and if you venture to say it's "new agey." You existed before you were born, and you exist after you die.

If the truth of the subject of survival beyond the death experience, and reincarnation, was properly explained, suicide would be something people used to do.

My purpose is to start a conversation to get in touch with the real issue - there is no escape from life in the afterlife. Ending a life prematurely before it's time to end does nothing but bring you into closer proximity with your problems. You cannot escape from yourself.

Why am I so concerned about this issue?

Because even with what I know and have experienced throughout my life, I have wanted to leave this life experience and go back to where I came from. Where did I come from? Simply put, I can remember the 'place of light,' since I was four years old.

There have been times in my life when I have wanted to just end it all. I must clarify something before I tell you my story and why I created the digital drawing You Can't Go There Before Your Time, I don't drink alcohol. I have never used drugs of any sort, and I never will.

When I Tried to Exit

One particularly difficult time in the struggle of life... I was laying down and my tears had finally stopped. I closed my eyes and the next moment I was outside of my body. I was moving rapidly across the abyss, the dark area before you reach the afterlife. I didn't linger in the abyss waiting around for my childhood memories or regrets. I was going back to the 'place of light.'

Straight ahead of me were two staircases, one going up and the other coming down. The staircase on the left was people going down to be born on earth. The staircase in front of me was the one going to the 'place of light.' I was done with this life on earth, and I went up the stairs towards the light.

As I approached the top, I could see the 'place of light.' With all my heart and soul I long to go back there... but there was someone there, blocking my entrance.

The spirit being at the top of the stairs knew me. He greeted me by my name. He explained if I left my body it would not result in coming to the place I thought it would. In fact it would be the exact opposite. I would know the extreme encapsulated emotional turmoil that happens when you decide to just quit on your life.

You don't leave everything behind. Nor do you go to blissful paradise. You take your emotional disposition with you, everything. The emotional pain that caused me to want to opt out of life washed over me like a tsunami. It was torrential, I was drowning... in regret. Regret at taking my life because I felt I couldn't cope... the pain was too much.

I felt a strong magnetic force pulling me backwards. I fought it hard but it didn't work. As I came back into my body it was as if someone gently laid me back into it, with loving care... and a peacefulness rushed through me.

In that peace I knew many things all at once. I couldn't go back to the 'place of light' until I had completed this journey of my life. I had chosen to be born into this experience. No one is given too much to bear no matter how painful and difficult things seem to be. There is always a solution.

We have intelligence and are not the dust beneath our own feet. We might have failed at what we tried to do or wanted to achieve. In marriage, a job, everything. The odds seem stacked against us all the time. We hit rock bottom.

I don't know why we reach the point of such failure in our own eyes, but we do. Maybe it's because our society expects us to behave a certain way to be accepted.

Knowledge is essential

If education is the key to finding knowledge then all we would need to do is understand the knowledge. The choices we make in life are affected by what we know, and, by what we don't know. We are inclined to think we know how something is, but the truth is... we find out after the fact when it's too late.

If you know what happens to you when you leave this life, it will change the way you live your life today.

Ending your life won't take the pain away

Even though the world seems to be closing off from you as you sink further into the despair of your existence, it isn't. The pendulum swing of life will always be apparent. If we only want things to be 'okay' we're living in delusional fantasy.

How did you come to be here, alive, living in your body? A person, with all the attributes of the good and the bad in equal portions.

The stork didn't bring you, you did.

Nothing happens by chance. You choose to be born into the particular form you are in with everything you need to help you during this life experience. As difficult as that is to accept, we choose the exact right circumstances, there are no mistakes in this regard.

The soul (or spirit) consciously decides to come to earth.

You chose your parents and the physical form through the nine-month birth experience in a woman's womb. Then you are born into this world in the physical form of a child, but you bring with you all the knowledge of your past incarnations. This knowledge is contained within your spirit (or soul).

This is not your first and only incarnation.

There is a definite purpose for your being here on earth at this time. It's not an accident, and it's not a deity's fault you are in the predicament you are in. You are a person with a spirit (or soul) inhabiting your body.

The idea we only live once and then go to rest in heaven (providing we ascribe to a certain belief system) is naive.

Contemplating suicide, ending your life, is the worst possible action to take

What you think will happen to you on the other side of life is far removed from the limited perspective we have about the death experience in general. The whole subject of the afterlife is filled with superstition and fear. We still cling to the dire warnings and admonishments of different belief systems.

The existence as a spirit is not the same as existence with a physical body. There is nothing physical in the afterlife. It's just you as a spirit or soul. If you are in pain you take that pain with you. There's no relief from anything if you end your life. No perfect bliss or paradise.  We have to accomplish a great deal more than just being fed up with life and wanting to end it all to make everything just go away.

We reincarnate into this life experience fully cognizant of what we need to learn and experience. We choose the exact right circumstances we are born into because of our past incarnations and deeds.

The solution is to have an intelligent dialog

You cannot end yourself, you are everlasting and eternal and the spirit is not able to be destroyed. It doesn't matter what age you are, there is a reason for your life, and although it might not be a perfectly blissful life, it's a life, and it's yours to do something with.

Taking your life and ending it is the greatest tragedy you can bring upon yourself and your soul journey.

Having the opportunity to reincarnate is the privilege of life.

Sometimes we are able to remember the circumstances of a life just prior to this one. When this happens there is a definite reason for this. It's not a random chance. Here is a video of a young boy who was killed in World War II when the plane he was flying was shot down.

The picture on the left is James Huston a World War II pilot whose plane was shot down in 1945. The picture on the right is of James Leininger (his name this lifetime) with a war veteran whom he recognized by name when he went to visit him.

The Soul Survivor is the story of how James Leininger remembers the events of when he was on earth and lived as James Huston.

James Leininger doesn't harbor the soul of James Huston. He is the return of James Huston, it's the same soul. A soul doesn't change when it reincarnates.

Each person has a soul, there are no exceptions. You discard the physical body at the time of death but you retain your soul (or spirit).

The place where suicides go after ending their life doesn't result in an immediate return to life on earth. Here's a story of someone who did return from spirit.

Your return to earth is governed by natural law and no one is exempt.


  1. Wow! I was immediately engaged and simply love the way you can capture attention and tell your story! Once I started, I couldn't stop. Sorry it took so long to get to it. I can resonate with this. The truth of it...and the little boy's story. JAMES. Emotions. Amy Winehouse, yes.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and reading the post. You are so right on. When we discover the truth of a subject it changes our perspective for the better. Especially about the subject of reincarnation, the afterlife, and how it affects this life.


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