Do It Yourself

For a long time now I've been ruminating or meditating on this subject. In fact, I'm a DIY (do it yourself) person. I'm tired of  "experts" telling me how it should be done. The best practices. What you should be doing. If you're not doing something, then it won't work.

There is a sense of accomplishment when you "Google it" and find the answer, and then implement the instructions.

In my world, there's no redesign or tweak or change, I use the product. I'm the person on the receiving end, the user. The one delighted by the hard work of the programmer who makes it easier for me to operate the software.

This blog on blogger was started a long time ago, before it was owned by Google. In fact, Blogger is the original blogging platform. The history of blogging is a fascinating one, it tells about the progressive stages of the web log, or blog as it came to be known.

Blogger is the most popular blogging service. I can see why, it's great …

The Zen of the Internet

The Zen is the contemplation and meditation of something. It is a word known to the Buddhist tradition but is trending in Western tradition. Nobody denies the leap in technology over the last twenty-six years, we're smitten with it. We cannot get enough of the Internet. It has evolved from the simple system of links to a complex inter relational database of systems, apps, and websites.

Interacting on the Internet has a process. Everyone will have a different process. This article outlines a process based on personal experience. The Internet gained popularity in 1990, when the personal computer came into existence. Browsers, operating systems, and hosting companies sprung to life to offer systems we could use from a personal computer.

The resource of information on the Internet, or the World Wide Web as it was called connected people via the network cables and we were "in the cloud" having conversations and sharing information.

Weaving the Web The history of the Web is f…

Look Before You Click

Hello Mr. or Ms. Executive,

Thank you for trying to trick me to come to your website. I have grown accustomed to your friendly "happy talk."

I marvel at your concern to create quality content to reach your audience. I read about the statistically proven content from reputable thought leaders, and influencers, and with one simple click I'll get the updated information. I need to hurry because there are limited places available and only a few spots left. If I get it now it only costs me $1.

When I get your newsletter, that I subscribed to, I notice you do these things:

Track when I receive itTrack when I open itTrack which link I click to visit your websiteTrack how long I spend on your websiteTrack what other pages I look at on your site All of this tracking makes me wonder why you want to analyze my every move so you can generate more uninteresting content.

You will soon hand over your Newsletter to your new employee; Artificial Intelligence. This intelligence will be s…

Things To Remember

The wall is a good place to hang pictures or words to remember. The eye automatically reads words. Over time the words take on meaning and integrate into daily life.

On my wall are things to remember, a few sentences that resonate with life experience. What we should or ought to do. The author of such profound words is anonymous. Someone was kind enough to circulate them in the office, in my other work life.

The value of time.
The success of perseverance.
The pleasure of working.
The dignity of simplicity.
The worth of character.
The power of kindness.
The influence of example.
The obligation of duty.
The wisdom of economy.
The virtue of patience.
The improvement of talent.
The joy of originating.

The value of time There is time for everything even though we rush around to get everything done. Pause and reflect on the value of your time. Not in terms of dollars and cents, but in terms of common sense. Everything you do may not work out as you want it to, but there is time.

The succes…

Why Is Everything Dead

Is Blogging Dead?  Yes, it died yesterday. Now what?  People are still writing blogs because they want to.
Is the PC Dead? Yes, no one uses them.  Your phone, your desktop, your laptop is a PC a/k/a the personal computer.  It makes no difference what operating system you use. You're an intelligent human being looking at your personal computer.
Is the TV Dead? Yes. Long ago. Didn't you hear.  That's why everyone watches the Superbowl on the big screen TV.
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Is Google Dead? This one is where you start laughing and can't stop.
Is Facebook Dead? Now you have a stomach ache, you're laughing so hard.
Is _____________ Dead? You get the idea, everything is dead.  
Chicken Little thought the sky was falling down on his/her head and now these chicks are wondering if it will happen to them too.

Racy …

If One Life is Helped by Knowing

What brought you here to earth - the stork?
All of a sudden we get it. The sort of Eastern philosophy, and if you venture to say it's "new agey." You existed before you were born, and you exist after you die.

If the truth of the subject of survival beyond the death experience, and reincarnation, was properly explained, suicide would be something people used to do.

My purpose is to start a conversation to get in touch with the real issue - there is no escape from life in the afterlife. Ending a life prematurely before it's time to end does nothing but bring you into closer proximity with your problems. You cannot escape from yourself.
Why am I so concerned about this issue? Because even with what I know and have experienced throughout my life, I have wanted to leave this life experience and go back to where I came from. Where did I come from? Simply put, I can remember the 'place of light,' since I was four years old.

There have been times in my life when I h…

A Social Media Behavioral Model

The virtual digital life is conversation through technology. We're not speaking. We're thinking and saying it in words. Our expression is feeling and emotion in writing. The inflection of the voice is not heard but words move ideas. As we read we react and respond. Our thoughts and feelings intermingle in the digital conversations.

The word technology originates from the Greek word techne meaning "art, skill and cunning of hand." Technology is the knowledge of the techniques involved in methods and processes of making machinery. Just about everything we use has a technical process.
Someone implemented the technology to make the thing usable. Thank goodness they did.

Philosophical debates propose technology will worsen the human condition not improve it. Let's not blame technology for our human traits good or bad. Robots won't ever replace the essence of human interaction. It takes a human to program the robot. The robot is only as good as it's programmer.