Things To Remember

The wall is a good place to hang pictures or words to remember. The eye automatically reads words. Over time the words take on meaning and integrate into daily life.

On my wall are things to remember, a few sentences that resonate with life experience. What we should or ought to do. The author of such profound words is anonymous. Someone was kind enough to circulate them in the office, in my other work life.

The value of time.
The success of perseverance.
The pleasure of working.
The dignity of simplicity.
The worth of character.
The power of kindness.
The influence of example.
The obligation of duty.
The wisdom of economy.
The virtue of patience.
The improvement of talent.
The joy of originating.

The value of time

There is time for everything even though we rush around to get everything done. Pause and reflect on the value of your time. Not in terms of dollars and cents, but in terms of common sense. Everything you do may not work out as you want it to, but there is time.

The success of perseverance

Nothing is achieved quickly or easily. There are no shortcuts to success no matter how many try to sell "success." To succeed, you must be willing to continue acting on your beliefs over a period of time in spite of setbacks and difficulties. Perseverance is the tenacity to keep going.

The pleasure of working

Work is a four letter word and we don't want to work. Life is work. Whatever form work takes for you, take pleasure in this activity and do your best. Work isn't only for a livelihood, it is the job of life, and you're hired.

The dignity of simplicity

The simple is that which isn't complex. Dignity is a sense of self-respect. Our world is complex, but complexity should never diminish simplicity.

The worth of character

Your character has distinctive qualities that make you who you are. The qualities of your mind and feeling portray your character.

The power of kindness

Every person who is kind is remembered. First be kind to yourself to know what kindness is, and then be kind to others. The grace of compassion and empathy is the power of love. Love in action is kindness.

The influence of example

An example represents a model to be copied or avoided. Our lives are visible. No matter what you do, someone is influenced by your example.

The obligation of duty

A moral action for a common cause. The tasks we take up because we believe in what we are doing. The duty is to meet our obligation.

The Wisdom of economy

Knowing when to spend and when to save. Receiving money gratefully. Paying someone thankfully. A mutual respect for the exchange of service, without extravagant expenses or waste.

The virtue of patience

The beneficial quality to endure without becoming annoyed or upset. Patience is lost if you cannot remember virtue is an admirable quality.

The improvement of talent

Talent is something everyone has. The improvement of talent is the freedom to do the work, and express the talent.

The joy of originating

The great happiness that carries inspiration and ushers in an original idea. Never let the joy fade as you begin to develop something original.

The value of time will give you the incentive to the success of perseverance. You'll find the pleasure of working and know the dignity of simplicity. Through the worth of character you exercise the power of kindness, and you are the influence of example. The obligation of duty brings the wisdom of economy with the virtue of patience. The improvement of talent shows you the joy of originating.

Go with these things to remember.


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