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The Modular Vision

The design and creation of the Internet is a road map of information. The largest library and information resource ever known. Having such information has created geniuses, discovered artists, made billionaires, brought people together in communities and introduced virtual interaction. This whole experience is new and has not been around for many centuries. When was the last time we read about electronic communication in history. Certainly not in antiquity that we know of today, unless we find a computer underneath an archaeological dig one day. The fascinating world of the Internet has also shown us the different side of human nature, a step beyond the researcher looking for information - a darker side. This has a lure that has begun to feel uncomfortable and create stress. The Web Page The web page is not just a magazine or newspaper it seems as if there is an invisible hand outstretched waiting to receive a profit from your interaction on the page. The modular environm

The View From The Mountain

Photo: DJ Pictures The reflection of life can be described as the ascent to the top of the mountain. There are indeed many mountains to climb and we aspire to reach the peak of the mountain, The mountain symbolizes the aspiration to achieve and reach the top. The effort required to reach the top takes us on a journey of trials and difficulties and obstacles as we begin the ascent.  The triumph of reaching the top of the mountain gives us a different view of our surroundings. When we overcome the obstacles through the use of our intelligence and apply what we know, we achieve. If we are still learning, the journey upward is the advance of learning. There are those who think they cannot climb the mountain and sit comfortably at the foot of the mountain. They watch others who come to the mountain and begin their journey upward. Their conversation is loud and critical of those who would learn and find the truth of the journey to the peak. They laugh and mock the good and the true.