The Modular Vision

The design and creation of the Internet is a road map of information. The largest library and information resource ever known. Having such information has created geniuses, discovered artists, made billionaires, brought people together in communities and introduced virtual interaction. This whole experience is new and has not been around for many centuries.

When was the last time we read about electronic communication in history. Certainly not in antiquity that we know of today, unless we find a computer underneath an archaeological dig one day.

The fascinating world of the Internet has also shown us the different side of human nature, a step beyond the researcher looking for information - a darker side. This has a lure that has begun to feel uncomfortable and create stress.

The Web Page

The web page is not just a magazine or newspaper it seems as if there is an invisible hand outstretched waiting to receive a profit from your interaction on the page. The modular environment of the web page is designed with strategic accuracy to manipulate a response from the user, the visitor. Software coding drives the web and anticipates your every move based on the previous visit. Advertisements roll out special offers corresponding to your preferences based on the words you type. Pop up advertising keeps nudging you to do something, look somewhere else, pay attention to some new offer, deal or subscription.

Wherever you go you cannot find the truth of the tone of the content. No one has time to keep up with all the information and so the quality of the content of what you read is less than satisfactory. Sensational, fear-based headlines, reality news, celebrity fashion or games to play are now the news.

The vision of the module shows an outstretched hand receiving with greed and satisfaction as more people are under its control and influence. Social sharing promotes gossip, and nasty mean behavior from one towards the other. Competitions, likes, friends, tweets, all lead to the strain of appearances, knocking yourself out to be liked, popular, authoritative.

You cannot fool all the people all of the time

We will see a movement away from the pull of the Internet. There is nothing at all in the truth of a business or person that is shown in how many likes or tweets or followers. It is a false sense of recognition and pardon the pun, lets face it: the book that we face in Facebook shows the ugly side of human nature. How long do you want to look at the ugliness?


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