Why Is Everything Dead

Is Blogging Dead? 

Yes, it died yesterday. Now what? 
People are still writing blogs because they want to.

Is the PC Dead?

Yes, no one uses them. 
Your phone, your desktop, your laptop is a PC a/k/a the personal computer. 
It makes no difference what operating system you use. You're an intelligent human being looking at your personal computer.

Is the TV Dead?

Yes. Long ago. Didn't you hear. 
That's why everyone watches the Superbowl on the big screen TV.
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Is Google Dead?

This one is where you start laughing and can't stop.

Is Facebook Dead?

Now you have a stomach ache, you're laughing so hard.

Is _____________ Dead?

You get the idea, everything is dead.  

Chicken Little thought the sky was falling down on his/her head and now these chicks are wondering if it will happen to them too.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Racy Super Bowl Ads Aren't Dead They're Just Online is an article on Common Sense Media. Great example of using the 'dead,' as bait for reading. It's a trick. Marketers are well aware of how off limits subjects attract an audience, young and old.

The Dead Issue

The word 'dead' is a strategy. Designed to push the fear button inside of you. You are convinced you are missing out on something. You have a panic moment because you want to be in the know and you click on the link to see what's 'dead.'

Usually it is something you were using but now it disappeared. When you actually read the "dead issue" you find the subject doesn't relate to what was in the headline.

This is called click bait.

You just got caught nothing is dead. Yes, technology changes and adds new features, and deletes some. So what? Usually the change is for the better.

The "dead" factor is also used by the brand basher. They have lots to say about a well-known brand name to scare people away from using this brand because they feel threatened by someone else's success.

So how can everything be dead?
Nothing is dead and won't ever be. It's a fad and fading fast.

On to the next problem after we've discovered things aren't 'dead.'

The Next Clickbait FOMO

FOMO means, fear of missing out.

You have to be doing these things or you're missing out:
  1. Reading text
  2. Closing popup windows asking you to subscribe, or read another article
  3. Checking the sidebar for more information
  4. Having an ongoing conversation, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Skype, or whatever chat module you use providing it isn't dead.
  5. Receiving emails
  6. All this is happening while you are at work (this includes those working at home)
Even if you say you don't do these things - you do because you have a fear of missing out. You want to stay in touch with everything and be the first to know.

It is time to stop chasing attention getting trivia and get to what's important to you, not someone else with an agenda behind what they do. 

How to relieve FOMO

Get rid of the idea that you are missing out on anything. Participate in something because you want to, not because you think you have to.

The idea something is dead is a fake one. We are on automatic response. The information stream coming at us at every conceivable moment has started to take over our lifestyle.

Of course there are those who emphatically deny this, and declare they are in control of it all. 
Those are the ones who sleep with their smartphones and wake up to answer an email. 

Did you know that people can compulsively check their email 300+ times a day!

The Solution

Nothing is dead because someone says so. Don't fall for it. Get off automatic response to everything you see and read. Tailor your online experience to suit your taste and your needs.

Never let your buttons be pushed. Recognize fear tactics and call them out.

The World Wide Web is only as smart as the people who use it.


  1. Yes, so what? Great stuff! And so true!

  2. There will always be another "dead" issue to make you come alive by reading the words.


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