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You Are What You Think You Are

We think automatically and never thinking about thinking. When you think about it, you go from subject to subject, and thing to thing, without examining how you are thinking about something. Thoughts come to us all the time. We're seeing, experiencing, and thinking as we live. How we think is how we are.  Do you know how you think? Breaking News! It's okay to meditate... Really? You mean we've just now caught up to what has been practised since the beginning of time in the Eastern culture for centuries. It's in vogue and okay to do it without being called "woo-woo." The practice of meditation (contemplation) is the gateway to knowledge, beyond book knowing. Reading a book is an interaction between your mind and the author's mind. Meditation is the reading of your own mind. Today everyone is talking about and some are doing it: meditating. I started meditating when I was twenty-three. It wasn't strange it was peaceful and I began to figure out