You Are What You Think You Are

We think automatically and never thinking about thinking. When you think about it, you go from subject to subject, and thing to thing, without examining how you are thinking about something. Thoughts come to us all the time. We're seeing, experiencing, and thinking as we live. How we think is how we are.  Do you know how you think?

Breaking News! It's okay to meditate...

Really? You mean we've just now caught up to what has been practised since the beginning of time in the Eastern culture for centuries. It's in vogue and okay to do it without being called "woo-woo." The practice of meditation (contemplation) is the gateway to knowledge, beyond book knowing. Reading a book is an interaction between your mind and the author's mind. Meditation is the reading of your own mind.

Today everyone is talking about and some are doing it: meditating. I started meditating when I was twenty-three. It wasn't strange it was peaceful and I began to figure out a lot of things by just sitting in silence. At first it was difficult to sit still for longer than five minutes. I would often fall asleep. Sleeping is sleeping and definitely not meditating.

The art of meditation and contemplation has been practiced since the beginning of time. Since we invented time no one quite knows when it actually originated and how it came to be so revered by the Eastern Sages and every culture in the world.
When you meditate regularly you will get to know how you think.

Someone Else's Idea of What You Are

Is it really important to be that someone that everyone else thinks you should be? Or is it more than you should be who you are. The problem is we don't know who we are because we are constantly defining ourselves based on what we think we should be. Where is the real you? It is within you but you have to discover it and the way to do this is through meditation.

Time to Meditate

Where do you find the time in a busy day, there are only twenty-four hours in a day. Actually that's two days if you don't sleep because you're just too busy. Being too busy to meditate is a great excuse. It just means you're not ready to find out who you are and how you think.

It is a true statement; you are what you think you are. If you think you're no good at something and cannot possibly attempt to do it, then you'll stay with that idea until you change it. But be aware that just changing a thought doesn't always translate into being able to change. The change you want to make has to be accompanied by your will and your emotions.

Thoughts by themselves are just thoughts, it's the actions combined with the intention that brings results.

What do you think you are?👀

About these posts: they are the meditations and solutions of the interaction with the thought process and brought into words through writing.


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