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The View From The Mountain

the view from the mountain
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The reflection of life can be described as the ascent to the top of the mountain. There are indeed many mountains to climb and we aspire to reach the peak of the mountain, The mountain symbolizes the aspiration to achieve and reach the top. The effort required to reach the top takes us on a journey of trials and difficulties and obstacles as we begin the ascent. 

The triumph of reaching the top of the mountain gives us a different view of our surroundings. When we overcome the obstacles through the use of our intelligence and apply what we know, we achieve. If we are still learning, the journey upward is the advance of learning. There are those who think they cannot climb the mountain and sit comfortably at the foot of the mountain. They watch others who come to the mountain and begin their journey upward. Their conversation is loud and critical of those who would learn and find the truth of the journey to the peak. They laugh and mock the good and the true. Others are afraid of the journey because it will show them how much they still have to learn to climb the mountain. Some will avoid the mountain saying it does not exist as there is no peak they have not reached, and they know all things. 

On the peak 

Even when you reach the top of the mountain you will find there are many more mountains to climb. If this is deflating you have not understood; there is more than one mountain to climb in life. As you stand on the peak of the mountain and look at all the other mountains you should be inspired to continue to the journey - there is never an end to learning and knowing. No one knows all things.

The view from the mountain will be different - no two persons have the same viewpoint. We may share a worldview but we cannot disrespect another person's belief or way of thinking. Neither can we kill them in the name of a deity. No one has the right to take another's life in the name of a belief system that preaches peace and love on earth and goodwill to all. None of the mainstream belief systems are free of having persecuted in the name of religion. 

History reveals an ugly picture of division, hatred, anger, the return of the avenged seeking revenge for having been the victim of another avenger. The avenger will return time and time again to avenge their pain of the past generations. The last battle of the raging intelligent evil will have its appearance until we can see a different view from the mountain top. 

An Obligation to Speak

We have an obligation to speak of the good and the true the solution to the bad and the false. Human life should not ever be desecrated, it should be revered. The right of anyone to exist as they want to should be upheld, provided that individual does not seek to destroy the right of another. In the meditation and reflection it is time to speak against the killing, the violence, and learn to live with the truth, there is no superior belief system, there is no God that wants to be revenged and condones human sacrifice for a cause. 

Human life should not ever be desecrated, it should be revered. Human dignity is important, and it is time to speak out against those who violate the rights of an individual to live in harmony and peace according to their view from the mountain. If that view includes the death of another it is a wrong that will cause a chain reaction throughout the world. 

The Solution

Change the viewpoint and recognize the right of others but do not desecrate that which is sacred to another through the power of satire or the written word, or the feed the angry heart with hate. Honor the truth of the wisdom of the permanent; love, truth, wisdom, peace, harmony respect and revere life. Study the truth of cause and effect, the retribution for deeds also called karma in the Eastern tradition. Such is the meditations and solutions.


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