Look Before You Click

Hello Mr. or Ms. Executive,

Thank you for trying to trick me to come to your website. I have grown accustomed to your friendly "happy talk."

I marvel at your concern to create quality content to reach your audience. I read about the statistically proven content from reputable thought leaders, and influencers, and with one simple click I'll get the updated information. I need to hurry because there are limited places available and only a few spots left. If I get it now it only costs me $1.

When I get your newsletter, that I subscribed to, I notice you do these things:

  • Track when I receive it
  • Track when I open it
  • Track which link I click to visit your website
  • Track how long I spend on your website
  • Track what other pages I look at on your site
All of this tracking makes me wonder why you want to analyze my every move so you can generate more uninteresting content.

You will soon hand over your Newsletter to your new employee; Artificial Intelligence. This intelligence will be so clever it will trick me, the brainless user, into scrambling back to your website.

You will insist this is not how you do business. You are empathetic, and passionate about what you do, and also how you "love" your customers. You always place the customer as your first priority and of course you're the number one leading industry in the world.

I look before I click and it's time we parted company.

Yours sincerely,
An ordinary person with a brain, common sense, and the ability to look before you click.

PS: This is a rant because I'm fed up with all these wonderful things you're doing to reach me the audience and all this time you're just wanting to sell me something. I rarely get an email that is interested in real time communication from a real live person.


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