I Don't Want Your FREE

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The selling of FREE is still alive and everyone's doing it.

What you really get for free is the person on the other end of the offer for free. That's the funny side of it. Take a good look at them and check them out before you fall for their pitch. They look authentic and they have the numbers to prove their popularity, likes, and social proof.

The problem is we are all trying desperately to "look good" just like everyone else, so we need a particular online image. Then we feel okay and now we are 'authentic.'

There is something wrong with this picture. It is easy to fake an appearance online even though we hear a desperate, be yourself. Be true. Be authentic. If you don't have the numbers… well, something must be wrong.

Measurement by the numbers is a false measurement. I want to do business with a real and authentic person.

I don't want your FREE eBook that tells me I can publish a book a month
I don't want your FREE eBook that tells me I can be an expert it's simple.
I don't want your FREE eBook that tells me here's some information for you
I don't want your FREE eBook if you're puffed up with your own importance
I don't want your FREE eBook if you're so convinced you know it all and no one else does that no one can really afford you because you don't have time to waste with those who don't know.

I don't want your FREE autoresponder emails that stop after 8 emails because I didn't engage with you the way you want me to.

I don't want your FREE four step videos that promote exaggerated knee jerk headlines with outrageous claims of success if I would just buy your book or course.

I don't want your FREEBIE in the headline of the email. I delete it and don't read it.

I don't want your POPUP REQUEST to sign up or join after I've been on your website for longer than a minute. If I like your content and want to sign up for your blog or newsletter then do me the courtesy of respecting my intelligence to be able to make that decision for myself.

Yes, I DO want to sign up for your blog posts that thankfully are now written by an individual not automated software.

Yes, I DO want to engage with you if you are a real person.
Yes, I DO want to engage with you if you respect me as an intelligent individual without labeling me in a particular demographic, age group, income bracket, and weather or not I have a Facebook page, a Twitter Account, a LinkedIn profile or a smartphone.

Yes, I DO want your eBook if you are someone that is genuine. But, please don't make me feel like I am privileged to get your eBook. Don't put me down first and then give it to me anyway.

All these reports and eBooks are in the hopes of generating "bait" like fishing in a river of people hoping someone will bite and become a client.

The strategy of no sense marketing

Produce content and make sure it's quality content.

Leverage your time and maximize options to increase lead generation. Demographic data from the last target market campaign showed a 2% return on investment. To make a profit our next target market must increase to 9%. The consumer is not engaging.

Lead generating, click baiting, funnels is just marketing jargon that shows me I am a statistic to you.

Sure if you're at the top of the ladder and you have been doing it for twenty five years that's different. Offer a White Paper, or a document you wrote because you contribute to the overall education by your expertise.

Your FREE stuff tells me I am a sucker, gullible and I need to be sold on you. Surely if you are any good at what you do, your material will respect my intelligence, even though you're educating me about your subject.

If you stand on the merit of professional expertise then you're genuine.

Okay this might be a rant. And if it is, it is.

The Solution

What happened to the real person who gives value because they want to. They are not in panic mode because they can't get the consumer's attention anymore.

It's a strange thing about something genuine. Everyone knows it when they see it. You don't need to convince them with anything. That's why I don't want your FREE.


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