Why Are Famous People Committing Suicide?

the other side of life
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How many famous people lately have ended up on the other side of life?

Too many, we can count them, name them and they now have to cope with what they did. I hesitate to mention their names for it is not my right to judge them and I do not know the circumstances of their lives. But when the spirit comes to me I honor the message because of the need to speak the truth about what happens to you after you commit suicide.

I have felt them near me as they reach out from the place they were in to communicate to help others to wake up and realize this is not the way to go. The sense of deep, agonizing regret at having taken their life is so acute they would do anything to have their lives back with all its problems because now they know that all problems can be resolved no matter how desperate they look at a given time. There is always a solution the composition of the human experience is not only a tragic one.

I am not an admirer of celebrities and do not give them the 'status' the news media does. I admire their work who doesn't when you see a brilliant actor, pianist, dancer or singer but they are still people. The public place them on a pedestal and they become Pop Royalty. Their every move is criticized. It is wrong of the public to want to pry into their private lives.

I started ballet at the age of five dreaming of becoming a professional dancer. I made it through the necessary discipline and through the love for my art with sweat and tears achieved my dream and danced professionally for six years. The politics of company life is not the same as the beautiful performance the public sees. The average person knows nothing of the pain within the artist. The agony of greatness looks glamorous.

Unfortunately, celebrities lives have been exploited by the entertainment industry. Yet when the artist is genuine everyone knows it and can do without the gossip, recently defined as news.

A well-known person suffers greatly when they cross over to the other side unexpectedly. All the thoughts of sadness of people who mourn the loss of that person actually reach them in the afterlife. Don't get the idea that passing into spirit is a blessing into peaceful paradise. The public places a celebrity into a cage and treats them like a performance animal expecting them to be 'on' all the time. What is not seen is the real person behind the mask of the performance. The broken heart only admired for the art but not as a person.

If they had known about the afterlife and the truth of the consequences of suicide in the afterlife would they have taken their life? I propose they would still be alive if they had known the truth of what the life, birth and death cycle means.

The famous ones

Both my spirit guides are famous people but I would not tell you of their names. They both were not allowed to be human and suffered greatly for their genius ability. Why do people tear the artist apart and not allow them to be human? The artist of that caliber is exploited often crushing their genius ability and they died prematurely.

Today they are spoken about by everyone who is an expert on their lives in retrospect. A devoted public now appreciates their genius and pause briefly at their graveside to pay tribute. Of what use is this? Surely there is a better way to understand the artist and to realize fame is not the only thing in that artist's life.

The Solution 

It is vital that we connect with the spiritual side of our nature. When we do we develop the ability to understand a primary cause of suicide and problems in life; self-negation. This is the destruction rather than the construction the building of our natures towards the positive, away from depression, anger, despair, hatred and all that goes with the negation.

There is always a solution. Don't wait until you are standing at the graveside of your friend, or child, or loved one, or family member, or your favorite celebrity who committed suicide, and then begin thinking about the afterlife - when it is too late to bring them back.

The solution to all this complexity is love. Imagine if there had been enough love in each of the persons who are now on the other side of life having committed suicide - they would still be with us and not gone from us.


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