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Do You See Love?

do you see love
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Have you ever looked at the stillness of beauty, it is timeless, and without change. If you pause to look at the painted picture of roses you see an elegance and beauty. The rose is the flower of love and from the poet Robert Burns; "my love is like a red, red rose," tells the story of love through the rose.

Such simple words symbolize love. The romance of the rose, the flower captivates the circular movement of love itself contained with its perfected form.

Ancient Greeks and Romans associated the rose with Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love. Venus is the goddess of love and turns the hearts from sexual vice to virtue. The rose conveys the message of love in the beauty of its bloom.

On the opposite side of the spectrum of love the rose came to be associated with the blood of Christian martyrs. How sad that anyone should have to spill their blood for a belief system. Love should promote the bond and the friendship but it should not inspire hatred.

Valentine's Day has come to have a special meaning in the love relationship and doing something on Valentine's Day can implement the revival of many things. Love is an eternal energy and it is not just launched into by buying a bouquet of roses to express that love. Love will always be, but it has to be nurtured and cared for throughout the days.

So we talk about love on one particular day of the year, Valentines Day. This is the day you declare your undying love for another person, but only on this day, but what about love on the rest of the other three-hundred and sixty-four days.

Love is the most important element in life and some may find it hard to think of valentine things to do to make it right for someone else when they only know the loneliness and harsh reality of living alone, or having no one to love them.

To the one who finds it hard to think of love

Sometimes the world is dark for others. As you listen to them speak you know their mind is filled with the downward spiral of nothing to live for. How sad it is to see them move away from all that can help them. I suppose some cannot be healed by the grace of love. I can only stand by and send them love from afar. I pray for them to open their mind to find a thread of something, something that catches their attention and triggers the movement towards the greater.

From the point of light within the mind of God let light stream forth into your mind. Open the grieving heart for no matter what you have done or said in your life you will always be forgiven. Nothing is worse than destroying our own life. How can it be if it was for your grandfather so it is for you? Are we just a carbon copy of what we have seen in others, I think not. There is a better way, seek to find the answers and overcome the obstacles life throws at us. It is only the nature of learning that we are involved in with the timelessness of evolution and growth. Nothing changes until we change from within. The answer is to love yourself as well.

A simple idea love is

The key to love is not Valentine's Day economy, love is actually available twenty-four seven all year and it starts with a simple idea. The idea is so simple that people laugh at it; love comes from within you first. If you are able to love yourself then you can love another person whether that person be your mother, father, family member or friend. Love is an energy and you can either give it or withhold it.

When love is withheld it backfires into hate, anger, frustration, depression, misery and this is the downward spiral that negates you. This is seeing the ugliness and not the beauty. If we can only think momentarily of one day that will validate our love for another then we are indeed in bad shape within and need to bring something else to the table of life we sit at.


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